Friday, December 30, 2011

Graphite or Steel Shaft for G20?

I am shopping for new Ping G20 Irons and have been considering graphite shafts. I currently have steel and was wondering if I should consider graphite? Will graphite shafts really help my golf game in any way?

I personally think that, for many golfers, graphite shafts are mostly a personal preference decision. They are lighter in weight, which may feel more comfortable to you. Also, some golfers may think graphite shafts are a sort of status symbol.
But there are actually some logical reasons why you might want to pay the extra money for graphite shafts. Below are the main ones that I would look at in considering graphite versus steel shafts for your new Ping G20 Irons.

One of the major reasons to consider Ping G20 Irons graphite shafts is that they reduce the shock at impact. If you have joint problems or are a senior golfer, this can help reduce soreness or potential joint problems, like tendonitis in the elbow.

The weight difference in graphite shafts can also help in a couple of other areas. Graphite shafts can weigh between half to thirty percent less than steel shafts. This can let you play a longer driver without adding extra weight. It can also help you add some distance to your golf shots if you have a smooth tempo and slower golf swing than most players. If your tendency is, like me, to swing the golf club too fast, I would stay with steel shafts and work on your tempo.

Distance is usually a goal for everyone, but Ping G20 Irons graphite shafts are recommended many times for senior, women, and mid handicap golfers to add distance without having to change their golf swing or their clubs.

Graphite shafts can also be constructed in a number of different ways to affect ball flight, so this provides a number of alternatives to golfers who feel that they hit the ball too high, too low, etc.

So whether you are looking for a little edge to improve your golf swing or to justify the extra cost to your spouse, good luck and good golfing!

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